Top 10 Albums of 2017

I’m writing this at the house of some friends, on my iPad, so much like my Top 10 Films of 2017 there will be little in the way of discussion, and it may not even publish, so I could, not for the first time, be taking to myself. Also like my films list, there are many albums I still need to get, most notably the 2 latest Chris Stapleton efforts. There are also some that have been firm favourites of mine this year, but were actually released last year, like Hero by Maren Morris, which I played for most of the summer, and beyond. So without further ado, here’s my top 10 albums of 2017:

1. Peach – Larkin Poe


2. Wrangled – Angaleena Presley
3. All American Made – Margo Price
4. Younger Now – Miley Cyrus
5. Love & War – Brad Paisley
6. The Last Jedi Original Soundtrack – John Williams
7. Reputation – Taylor Swift
8. DCX MMXVI: Live – Dixie Chicks
9. Rule 62 – Whitney Rose
10. Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life



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