The Power of Record Stores: Saint Agnes Live at David’s Music Letchworth – 7th May 2019

I could go on a huge ramble about how I came to see Saint Agnes yesterday evening, but let’s keep it brief, for both our sakes. I am a regular at David’s Music (and David’s Books), and as such, I follow them on Facebook, and it’s there that I saw them advertise that St Agnes would be playing in-store to promote the newly released album: Welcome to Silvertown. The blurb about the album included this snippet:

Welcome To Silvertown is an album that is musically unshackled and an accurate snapshot of the band’s ferocious intensity, fusing the menacing frenzie of rock with a dark, cinematic flare

That was enough to entice me, so I listened on Spotify, a platform I don’t use very often but I find good for sampling new music. Anyway, the album very much lived up to the description above, so along I went to David’s Music. The 4 were just 3 (no Ben), and with no room for Andy and his drums, that left Kitty and Jon on vocals and guitars, as they gave us a 6 song acoustic set, not something they are accustomed to doing.

Saint Agnes Live at David's Music Letchworth - 7th May 2019

It was bloody good, and while different from the energy and ‘rawk‘ of the album, the stripped back songs sounded quite magnificent in this record store setting, with vinyl and fairy lights as a backdrop. Lucky for me, they played my two favourite songs, the titular Welcome to Silvertown and The Witching Hour (abridged version). Well, as much as one can have favourites having listened to the album just once, in the gym, but it’s my blog so I get to choose what gets said.

I bought the album, on gorgeous white vinyl, got it signed, and then grabbed a photo with the 3 members of Saint Agnes who were there. The photo is taken from such a height because my 11 year old son took it, having recovered from his encounter with a very sour gobstopper around the second song mark. My phone, unfortunately, takes a long time to fire the flash and take the photo, so much so that Jon is falling asleep and Kitty got tired of waiting and started chatting to Andy. Andy, by the way, stayed in his photo pose for the duration, undeterred by the wait or whatever Kitty’s telling him! All three were an absolute pleasure to chat to, and very grateful for our attendance. I’ll be sure to catch them on tour, and am eyeing up their Dingwalls gig in October.

Meeting Saint Agnes Live at David's Music Letchworth - 7th May 2019

Saint Agnes - Welcome to Silvertown Vinyl Record

So there you have it folks, without David’s Music I would never have heard of Saint Agnes, let alone seen them live just a couple of miles from my house, and got to meet and chat to this fine group of musically gifted individuals. Maybe that’s not strictly true, as these guys are really good, so I’m sure I’d have of them at some point, but not this early in the career and in such an intimate setting. You get the point I’m making here.

David’s Music, like many other record stores around the country (and the world if we want to be really grand), is a community, that brings together music lovers, whilst spreading the word about bands such as Saint Agnes. They are so much more than just a place to buy music, though buying records in person will always be preferable to the risk of damage in transit options. Support your local record store, and not just on Record Store Day, because music is a much better place for them.



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