Restaurant Review: Rosa’s Thai Cafe Seven Dials

It was Saturday 30th December 2017 and we (we being my wife Denise and I) were in London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so a decision had to be made on where to eat lunch. We passed many well-known burger and sandwich establishments, but I decided, for the two of us, that we should try to find something a bit different, that we wouldn’t normally visit, and couldn’t back home in Hertfordshire. We searched a few streets before coming upon Rosa’s Thai Cafe, in an area called Seven Dials. We both love Thai food so this looked promising, and on seeing they had Pad Thai on the menu (why wouldn’t they?) we entered.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Inside it was quite narrow, with little rooms and dining areas branching off in a variety of directions. The decoration wasn’t what I’d describe as plush but it quirky and fitting with the Thai theme. We were greeted with a smile and seated in a tucked away corner, which was actually our preference and we’d have chosen that location ourselves. We scanned the menu briefly, but it was the Pad Thai we had our hearts set on, king prawn for me and chicken for Denise. I also went for an apple juice, which came in a glass with a striped cardboard straw that reminded me of my childhood. Feelings of nostalgia piqued – bonus point.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

I was tickled by this sign I saw en route to the toilet (which was clean), and couldn’t agree more.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Our food came relatively quickly and both looked and smelled delicious. I love when Pad Thai has the crushed peanut on the side as I can not only see how much I’ve been given, but can mix it in myself, which I like to do. There was plenty, which I took pleasure in mixing into the noodle dish – hey, it’s the little things! So, the real test – what did it taste like? No word of a lie, it was probably up there as one of the best Pad Thais I have ever had. The ingredients tasted so fresh and the flavour was abundant, without being overbearing. It was a generous portion which completely satisfied me. I even got to try Denise’s chicken, so I can confirm that both that and the prawn variations were of equally high quality, and well cooked throughout.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials - Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai – £8.50
King Prawn Pad Thai – £9.50
Apple Juice – £2.75
Diet Coke – £2.50

Total meal cost was £23.25, which wasn’t the cheapest for only one dish each, but it’s London and the food was of a very high quality, so I think we got our money’s worth. I’ve since learned that there are a number of Rosa’s Thai Cafes throughout London, so on return trips, I will certainly be looking out for them. If you like Thai and are in London, Rosa’s comes with my highest recommendation.



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