Rediscovering Photography

I have constant camera envy, and have over the years bought many cameras, and for the most part used them for a short while and then sold them on. At the moment I’ve been pondering premium large sensor compacts such as the Sony RX100 and Canon G7X, with a side of Panasonic GM1 interchangeable lens system thrown in. I love macro photography, which always brings me back to compact cameras such as the Panasonic TZ10 which I’ve had for years and still use. Would a DSLR set up with dedicated macro lens get me much better results? Yes, but at a prohibitively high price unfortunately. I say that, because until I can dedicate enough time to learn the craft of photography properly I won’t allow myself to spend that much.

Only today I was browsing camera review sites and decided that instead of looking at new equipment I should use what I have got and experiment a bit, hone my skills, actually keep it up as a regular pursuit and then look at a camera upgrade down the line, should it be deemed necessary. I put the aforementioned TZ10 in my bag this morning, and so with a banana peel from lunch on my desk, I decided to have a play. The photos weren’t of the best quality, and the focus areas were too tight for my liking, but after a play with colour levels in Photoshop I actually ended up with something I kind of like and dare say am just a tiny bit proud of.

Banana photo taken with Panasonic TZ10

It’s a start, and my aim is to try to take a new and interesting photo every day, or as close to that as I can. With an upcoming holiday in the wilds of Norfolk I should get lots of opportunities, so let’s hope that reignites the spark.



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