I Forgot The Miz!

When compiling the list of my 10 favourite wrestlers ever yesterday I made one glaring omission, that being The Miz. He wouldn’t be in the Just falling short part at the bottom, but firmly in that main list, possibly top 5. I recently rewatched all of the Tough Enough seasons from years gone by, where he was robbed of the victory by the wooden and soon forgotten Daniel Puder. From his main roster debut, his superb tag team with John Morrison and his subsequent singles run, I’ve been a huge fan of The Miz for over a decade, to the point where he’s probably my favourite wrestler since the retirement of Shawn Michaels.

I Forgot The Miz!

He’s without a shadow of a doubt the best on the mic, and has been for some years now. In the ring he’s a master of making every move matter, and getting people invested in what he does without relying on flashy moves and illusion breaking stunts. More than anything, he’s a proper heel, an almost forgotten art which sees supposed bad guys these days appeasing fans rather than pissing them off, as they should be. As we head towards WrestleMania there are rumours of a Miz v Strowman match, which would see my two current favourite wrestlers face off, and is a matchup which intrigues me greatly, in how they will build up to it and in what direction they will take the in-ring action. As great a heel as Miz is I do see the possibility of him having a top level run as a face, one day maybe. Miz, I apologise, you should have been on my original list, but you get your own blog post, arguably an even greater accolade.

My Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time – 2018

Kendall is one of my very oldest (possibly actual oldest) and best friends, and back in the day we were both into pro wrestling. We still are, so when he posted his list of favourite wrestlers earlier today I just knew I had to reciprocate. As great friends as we were, and still are, and shared lots of wrestling experiences, most memorably my first ever live (on PPV) show in WrestleMania VI, our tastes always differed, and these lists show that in spades. While he cheated by having all members of the Kliq as one choice, and being that I have 2 Kliq members in my list and others knocking on the door, I feel my cheating of using a tag team as one option is by far the more forgivable crime. So, the list…


1. Shawn Michaels
Highlight Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker (WWE Badd Blood – October 5, 1997)

Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 12

2. The Ultimate Warrior
Highlight Match: The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan (WWE WrestleMania VI – April 1, 1990)

3. The Midnight Express
Highlight Match: The Midnight Express vs. Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk (WCW Capital Combat – May 19, 1990)
Close call between this and the match vs. The Southern Boys from The Great American Bash of the same year, but I love Pillman and Zenk as a team too, so this one gets the nod.

4. Sid Vicious
Highlight Match: Any squash match in WCW in 1989, singles or tag team match as part of The Skyscrapers with Dan Spivey.

5. Sting
Highlight Match: Ric Flair & Sting vs. The Great Muta & Terry Funk (WCW Halloween Havoc – October 28, 1989)
“But what about Sting vs. Ric Flair at NWA Clash Of The Champions?”. Sorry, its’ good, but not as great as the legend has grown, not for me anyway. Embrace this genius Thunderdome match instead!

6. Hulk Hogan
Highlight Match: Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Randy Savage & Zeus (WWE SummerSlam 1989 – 28 August, 1989)

7. The Great Muta / Keijo Mutoh
Highlight Match: Keiji Mutoh vs. Genichiro Tenryu (NJPW Super Power Series tour – June 8, 2001)

8. Yuji Nagata
Highlight Match: Yuji Nagata vs Kazunari Murakami (NJPW Triathlon Survivor – December 12, 2002)

9. Scott Hall
Highlight Match: Watch his promo on WCW Nitro on May 27, 1996, then watch the first 6 months of the nWo.

10. Zeus
Highlight Match: Hullk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man (WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event – May 27, 1989)

Just falling short: Triple H, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Tom Zenk, Braun Strowman, Rick Martel, Kevin Nash, Bob Sapp.

Records I Bought: Limited Edition Star Wars Attack of the Clones Soundtrack

I realise the title of this post is plural, but I intend it to be used for all future such posts, whether I’m buying one or ten. So now we’ve cleared that up let’s go back to yesterday evening around 6pm, when I was browsing in my local record store, the fantastic David’s Music in Letchworth. I was actually looking for the Rogue One soundtrack on vinyl, but alas that has sold since I last saw it in there, and I’m kicking myself for not buying it then. Over in the sale section I did come across another Star Wars record, that being the Attack of the Clones soundtrack. However, even though it said limited edition, at £28.99, down from £42.99, I didn’t consider that much of a bargain, so I left it.

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Jango Fett Version

Back home and I started to have a Google, as you do, to see just what being limited edition entailed in this scenario. Well, it turns out that 2 years ago a Limited Edition Colored (American spelling) Vinyl Jango Fett version was released, and in a small run of 1,000, worldwide. I didn’t recall seeing that mentioned on the sleeve, but then I didn’t pay that much attention. Further detective work and the £28.99 it was being sold for would actually be somewhat of a bargain, considering its price elsewhere and limited availability. So as always, I regretted not buying it and planned to return the next day, being this day that I write this post.

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Jango Fett Version

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Jango Fett Version

Having to wait much of the day due to other commitments and plans, I managed to get back to David’s Music at around 3pm, and much to my delight it was still there. Even better, it actually was the Jango Fett version, or I should say is, as we are now very much in the present, and thus I bought it and record 1 is playing in the lounge where I am typing these very words. The coloured (back to English spelling now thanks) records have an interesting tie-dye look to them, and as every bit a collector as a player of records, this pleases me greatly. I’d forgotten just how superb this John Williams score is, being probably the least played of the Star Wars soundtracks along with Revenge of the Sith for me.

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Jango Fett Version

The records play really well, for the most part, though do seem to crackle and pop a bit more than is usual during quieter moments, some of them anyway. The sleeve front, whilst beautiful and in a lovely matt finish, is just the front cover of the CD from 2002. As a limited edition reissue I think some different artwork would have been nice. The double spread Clones image inside is very striking, and I like the dedication to Christopher Lee on the back, his character Count Dooku being the nemesis to all that is good in this chapter of the Star Wars story. There is no booklet and not even a one sheet with information and credits, so it’s a little disappointing in that respect. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and can see the Star Wars Attack of the Clones soundtrack being played a lot more frequently in this house going forward. The Star Wars section of my record collection grows ever bigger, with many more additions to come.

Restaurant Review: Rosa’s Thai Cafe Seven Dials

It was Saturday 30th December 2017 and we (we being my wife Denise and I) were in London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so a decision had to be made on where to eat lunch. We passed many well-known burger and sandwich establishments, but I decided, for the two of us, that we should try to find something a bit different, that we wouldn’t normally visit, and couldn’t back home in Hertfordshire. We searched a few streets before coming upon Rosa’s Thai Cafe, in an area called Seven Dials. We both love Thai food so this looked promising, and on seeing they had Pad Thai on the menu (why wouldn’t they?) we entered.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Inside it was quite narrow, with little rooms and dining areas branching off in a variety of directions. The decoration wasn’t what I’d describe as plush but it quirky and fitting with the Thai theme. We were greeted with a smile and seated in a tucked away corner, which was actually our preference and we’d have chosen that location ourselves. We scanned the menu briefly, but it was the Pad Thai we had our hearts set on, king prawn for me and chicken for Denise. I also went for an apple juice, which came in a glass with a striped cardboard straw that reminded me of my childhood. Feelings of nostalgia piqued – bonus point.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

I was tickled by this sign I saw en route to the toilet (which was clean), and couldn’t agree more.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials

Our food came relatively quickly and both looked and smelled delicious. I love when Pad Thai has the crushed peanut on the side as I can not only see how much I’ve been given, but can mix it in myself, which I like to do. There was plenty, which I took pleasure in mixing into the noodle dish – hey, it’s the little things! So, the real test – what did it taste like? No word of a lie, it was probably up there as one of the best Pad Thais I have ever had. The ingredients tasted so fresh and the flavour was abundant, without being overbearing. It was a generous portion which completely satisfied me. I even got to try Denise’s chicken, so I can confirm that both that and the prawn variations were of equally high quality, and well cooked throughout.

Restaurant Review: Rosa's Thai Cafe Seven Dials - Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai – £8.50
King Prawn Pad Thai – £9.50
Apple Juice – £2.75
Diet Coke – £2.50

Total meal cost was £23.25, which wasn’t the cheapest for only one dish each, but it’s London and the food was of a very high quality, so I think we got our money’s worth. I’ve since learned that there are a number of Rosa’s Thai Cafes throughout London, so on return trips, I will certainly be looking out for them. If you like Thai and are in London, Rosa’s comes with my highest recommendation.

Top 10 Books I’ve Read in 2017

This is a little different than my films and albums of 2017, in that it’s the top 10 books I’ve read in 2017, rather than top 10 books published in 2017, as I tend to just pick something from my to read list rather than pick up new books all the time. I’ve made a few rules, such as only allowing one book per author, and I haven’t included any graphic novels or trade paperbacks, which may end up being a separate list in itself.


As expected, this list has a few Star Wars titles, as being a period of resurgence for the franchise there are many canon books being released. I read 41 books this year according to Goodreads, but that number would be more if I included reference books too. Unlike my other end of year lists, these are numbered 1 to 10 but are not in order, that would be way too hard to decipher. As always, any recommendations are always gratefully received.

Merde in Europe (Post Brexit Edition) – Stephen Clarke
Still Whispering After All These Years: My Autobiography – Bob Harris
Origin – Dan Brown
Star Wars: Rebel Rising – Beth Revis
Less Than Zero – Bret Easton Ellis
Star Wars: Thrawn – Timothy Zain’s
Star Wars: Ahsoka – E K Johnston
Never Go Back – Lee Child
Dinner At Mine – Chris Smyth
Lost Boy – Christina Henry

Top 10 Albums of 2017

I’m writing this at the house of some friends, on my iPad, so much like my Top 10 Films of 2017 there will be little in the way of discussion, and it may not even publish, so I could, not for the first time, be taking to myself. Also like my films list, there are many albums I still need to get, most notably the 2 latest Chris Stapleton efforts. There are also some that have been firm favourites of mine this year, but were actually released last year, like Hero by Maren Morris, which I played for most of the summer, and beyond. So without further ado, here’s my top 10 albums of 2017:

1. Peach – Larkin Poe


2. Wrangled – Angaleena Presley
3. All American Made – Margo Price
4. Younger Now – Miley Cyrus
5. Love & War – Brad Paisley
6. The Last Jedi Original Soundtrack – John Williams
7. Reputation – Taylor Swift
8. DCX MMXVI: Live – Dixie Chicks
9. Rule 62 – Whitney Rose
10. Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

Top 10 Films of 2017

Top 10 Films of 2017

Last year I only managed a Top 7, but in 2017 I’ve seen more new releases, either at the cinema or on DVD/Blu-ray. Unlike last year, however, I don’t have time to write about each choice, and as much as I always dissuade unsubstantiated lists, it’s all you are getting this year! So, on with the best of 2017, and a predictable #1 for this blog.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
3. The Fate of the Furious
4. Baby Driver
5. Wonder Woman
6. Justice League
7. Kong: Skull Island
8. Logan
9. Spider-Man: Homecoming
10. Descendants 2

It was never going to anything other than The Last Jedi at #1, and after seeing it for the second today time it has cemented itself at the top spot by an even greater margin. I’m still not completely on board with the Canto Bight scenes, nor the portrayal of Captain Phasma after she was built up so much in her standalone book, but overall I love it. Places 2 to 9 could interchange at any time depending on my mood. Baby Driver is a late entrant as I only watched it last night, but what a great film with a wonderful soundtrack, and use of that music throughout. Descendants 2 may raise some eyebrows, but that was another I watched yesterday with my son Lucas. It’s a fun film and seeing how much happiness it gave him certainly raised its for stock me.

Biggest Disappointment: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I’m an absolutely huge fan of the first three films, the fourth is garbage, and this latest instalment didn’t do it for me either. I need a second watch on Blu-ray, but coming away from the cinema I didn’t care a lot for the new characters, not the storyline.

Still To See: Thor: Ragnarok, Dunkirk, The LEGO Batman Movie, Cars 3, Coco, War for the Planet of the Apes, Murder on the Orient Express (2017), Blade Runner 2049

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando’s, Stevenage

There was a time in my past where I wouldn’t even consider dining alone, for fear of being judged as to why I’m not with anyone. Would they think I had no friends, or that I am wasting a table that could accommodate more than just I? Whatever the reason, it’s not something I did, until I stopped caring. I didn’t stop caring about everything, just about certain things, and a table for one is something that stopped giving me those dreaded feelings of anxiety.

So this brings me to today, Wednesday 27th December 2017, and with my car in the garage for its MOT I found myself with some time on my hands and the Nando’s in the new Stevenage Debenhams about to open. I almost uttered the phrase time for a cheeky Nando’s, but managed to stop myself, and instead question why having a Nando’s is cheeky, and what made a trip to Nando’s cheeky, or are all visits cheeky? Anyway, on entering said Nando’s I was greeted by Wayne (it tells me so on the receipt) who I think was the manager, while the rest of the team sat around a table near the counter. He made me feel very welcome, and didn’t give me any so why are you alone? looks. I scored a nice table for 2 equidistant from the counter and the condiments/cutlery/drinks area – result.

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando's, Stevenage

I’m a fussy eater, so when menus change I get plunged into a minor panic, but I’ve always been able to to find something I like on the Nando’s menu, and today was no different. Feeling brave I went for a brand new offering called the Fino Pitta, and this how it is described:

Indulge in a toasted pitta filled with two flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, grilled halloumi cheese, caramelised red onion relish and wild garlic aioli mayonnaise, topped with lettuce.

Halloumi and caramelised onion I adore, and the absence of anything such as peppers made this an easy decision. I am relatively new to chicken thighs though, as in the past I’ve not wanted anything other than breast meat. The slightest sign of pink chicken meat usually sends my head into an unrecoverable tailspin, but in the past 2 years I’ve gotten past that and can appreciate that some parts of the chicken are a little pinker, and not due to them being undercooked as I always imagined. Ordering was easy and quick, and so back at my table I had time to look around the restaurant which was very clean, well laid out, and not too bright, so that even though it was big, I didn’t feel like I was sat alone in a vacuous space.

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando's, Stevenage

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando's, Stevenage

My food arrived in mere minutes and looked delicious. The pitta was full to bursting with great hunks of chicken and the caramelised red onion relish was oozing out invitingly. I first thought to pick it up but that was never going to work, not unless I had suddenly been granted the ability to unhinge my jaw. Biting into the first mouthful I could taste the relish, combining really well with the medium strength sauce I had chosen. The halloumi was melted just right and was not too thick so it didn’t overpower the chicken itself. With the fresh coolness of the lettuce, I’d say the Fino Pitta was a pretty perfect taste combination for me. I had chips as my side, which were all cooked well and with an accompaniment of vinegar and ketchup, finished things off beautifully.

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando's, Stevenage - Fino Pitta

Unusually for me, I went for am unlimited refills Diet Coke, which I took advantage of twice, glugging down three glassfuls in total. I say unusually as possessing the world’s smallest bladder* I don’t usually drink much aside from water when I’m about and about. I had spied a salted caramel brownie on the menu, and whilst it’s become almost mandatory for eating establishments to offer something that is salted caramel flavoured, I don’t mind as I’m a big fan. It has to be done well though, as some proport to be salted caramel but I’m left wondering if they have ever seen the flavouring, let alone used it. Well, Nando’s salted caramel brownie does live up to the name and was beautifully moist too, just the way I like my brownies.

Restaurant Review: Table for One at Nando's, Stevenage - Fino Pitta - Salted Caramel Brownie

Fino Pitta and Chips – £8.95
Unlimted Refills Diet Coke – £2.60
Salted Caramel Brownie – £2.50

Total Cost: £14.05

Three glasses of Diet Coke, a main meal and dessert for £14.05 – I’d consider that great value for money. I left absolutely and completely satisfied, so much so that I left a tip, which gave me the opportunity to send some coins down the counter located helter-skelter, as is their mechanism for collecting such gratuities. I live in a small market village in North Hertfordshire, so when Debenhams opened in Stevenage, just a short drive from me, it was big news. On finding out it had a Nando’s too, well let’s just say excitement levels rose substantially. It gives me great pleasure to come away from my meal today, with the knowledge that Stevenage Nando’s excelled in every area – service, food and atmosphere, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the area.

*Not a proven fact.

Gig Review: Angaleena Presley & Danni Nicholls at The Borderline, London – 20th July 2017

I was supposed to see Angaleena Presley back in July 2015, twice in fact, on my birthday and then the day after too. But due to family sickness that didn’t happen, and in the meantime, and with a second album under her belt, my admiration for Angaleena’s music and desire to see her live have only grown. Fast forward to 22nd April this year (yes I do know exact date thanks to never deleting emails) and the opportunity to buy tickets for a 2017 tour arose, and without hesitation I booked them. Fingers crossed we’d atually make it to the gig this time.

Last Thursday, July 20th 2017, and I made my wife Denise queue outside The Borderline for 30 minutes before doors opened, and we weren’t even at the front. Once inside we went straight towards the stage and managed to get front and centre. Aside from a risky venture to the bar at about 7.20pm for water, that’s where we stayed for the next 3+ hours. At the start of the evening it wasn’t Densie’s preferred place to stand, very still, and wait, but that would change. Seeing just a microphone and guitar stand on stage I was excited for the upcoming performannces, and very glad we were positioned where we were.

Danni Nicholls

Going into this gig I didn’t know Danni Nicholls, but that has is no relection on her standing in the music scene, more of me not being as up to date as I was back in the days when I ran 4000 Miles to Nashville, and incidentally interviewed Angaleena for here. Danni came on stage, guitar in hand and smile on her face. She spoke confidentally, but humbly, and at this point I wasn’t sure what to expect, but her demenor had certainly endeared her to us. Then she started to sing, and play, and with that rich voice, full of soul, accompanied by dexterously enviable guitar skills, I knew I’d disovered a special talent.

Danni Nicholls - The Borderline, London - July 20th 2017

I could be wrong, but I think it was Mary Gauthier at the Maverick Festival in 2014, who said that Americana is hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you hear it. That’s what I felt with Danni Nicholls, as her storytelling both through her songs and in between, is clever, honest and at times heart breaking. I mentioned before about Danni’s guitar playing and during her third song, which you’ll have to excuse for me not remembering the name of, I focused entirely on her hands, and marvelled as the left hand had fingers floating around the fretboard almost independently, whilst her right hand strummed and plucked with ease. This wasn’t an instrumental, so add in vocals, sung with the same heart and palpable emotion is her whole set, and I was in awe.

The only negative is that her set was just a little over 30 minutes, leaving me wanting more of that velvety smooth voice. I have a feeling what I saw of Danni Nicholls last Thursday was only the tip of the iceberg, and I’ll be keeping an eye on that tour that she mentioned when I chatted to her later in the evening. I spent all but the last penny I had in my pocket, and Denise’s wallet, getting Danni’s Mockingbird Lane album, that she happpily signed (getting things signed, in person, is a big thing for me, so being able to add more such items to the collection is always a thrill), and which has been played more than a few times over the past few days. Doing a bit more digging I see that not only does she have her debut album which she told us about at the gig, but she has this year released a live album too. I’m a HUGE fan of live music recordings, when done right, so on the top of my to buy list is now Danni Nicholls ‘The Vintage TV Recordings’.

Meeting Danni Nicholls - The Borderline, London - July 20th 2017

Angaleena Presley

At just a few minutes past 9pm on Thursday 20th July 2017, Angaleena Presley took the stage at The Borderline in London, and what followed was an hour or so of raw emotion, sung flawlessly by the one person I’d wanted to see more than any other in the last 3 years. Angaleena’s two solo albums are amongst my absolute favourites, full of songs from the heart, covering topics what she wants to sing about and in the style she wants to perform them in, undeterred by industry trends. Angaleena wasn’t shy about sharing her thoughts on the mainstream country music scene, and I and many others I’m sure, wholeheartedly agree. This was highlighted hilariously by Country, the 4th song on her recent Wrangled album. On said album it’s a heavily produced song, purposefully in the style of the music she is deservedly mocking, but it took on a new life with just her and her guitar, and had me smiling and whooping from start to finish.

This is what makes Angaleena Presley stand apart from so many others in the music. Aside from the fact that she has a silky smooth voice and is one of the best song writers around, her sense of humour is unrivaled, both in song and when she chatted to us in between. It was like being at a one woman songwriters evening, as she had us all in stitches regaling stories of her life and family, and using enough self depreciation to fit right at home here in England. It’s that personality that kept us enthralled even during a two minute period where her guitar strings just would not tune, refusing like petulant children to play ball.

Angaleena Presley - The Borderline, London - July 20th 2017

Thanks to Country to Country and the eagerness of many US country stars to tour in the UK, coupled with an ever increasing number of home grown talents, I have had the privelage of seeeing many country artists perform over the years. However none, and I mean not one single one, can hold a candle to Angaleena Presley. She really is the total package on stage and has certainly raised the bar of expectation for me now. I can still see her wry grin as she swaggered through a guitar solo, not missing a beat as she returned to the mic, to once again fill the venue with her beautiful voice. Thankfully one last song turned into two, as Better Off Red (I think) rounded off a spellbinding and soul enriching performance.

As it was announced that she would be coming to meet fans after she’d finished playing, my focus went from being at the front of the stage, to being as close to the front of the line and at the back of the venue as I could. If you want the full experience you have to be prepared to put in the effort, even if that does mean having people invade your personal space far more than is usually acceptable. Already owning a signed copy of Wrangled on CD I bought a copy on vinyl, which she signed as we chatted more about Country to Country and her previous tour, while I gushed about her performance that night.

Meeting Angaleena Presley - The Borderline, London - July 20th 2017

What a night. Not only did I finally get to see Angaleena Presley live and it exceeded even my lofty expectations, but I now have Danni Nicholls’ career to follow with keen interest. This will go down as one my absolute favourite gigs, and one I’ll remember fondly for a very long time.

My Name is Steve and I Love Prawnies

Rewind roughly 13 years to when my wife and I walked into Exeter town centre, where we lived at the time, and we visited a continental market one sunny summer Saturday (10 house points for the alliteration). Amid a cornucopia of smells one stood out, that being garlic, to which I am drawn to like the antithesis of a vampire. That’s the day I discovered Prawnies, as they were advertised, though I believe they may actually be lobster tails.


A Prawnie, as we still to this day call them, even though we have never seen them called that since, as Prawn seems to suffice, is a lobster tail / prawn cooked in a big open pan with garlic, chives, olive oil and paprika. Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a love bordering on obsessive for paprika, so combine that with garlic and prawns / lobster tails and you have my heart, and my stomach.

Bringing us back to the present day and a walk into our current home town, that being Hitchin in North Herfordshire, to visit the French Market, and what did I smell, and then spot? You got it – PRAWNIES! Of course I skillfullly and excitedly made my order in French that made the actual French guy serving proud, or laugh inside at the rueful attempt. Definitely one of the two, and my ego would like to think it was the former. Back on track, and once that cup of Prawnies was in my hand, and after I’d done the obligatory snapchat video, I began to devour one of my absote favourite treats in the known universe.

Prawnies at Hitchin French Market

The good thing about Prawnies is that their incredible taste belies their relative ease to make, so the taste itself doesn’t vary a lot, meaning these were every bit as yummy as the ones I had back in 2004. Of course once my wife has violently stolen a couple (that part my have been embelished for dramatic effect) I had to go back for another portion, and some garlic potatoes too – it’s a slippery slope. In a very proud moment, and after many protestations that he wouldn’t like them, even my 9 year old son tried Prawnies, and declared them to be delicious.

Until the next time I see Prawnies for sale I will just savour that exquisite taste from earlier today. I’m not sure I should try making them myself, as a failed attempt may put me off. It also wouldn’t be the same as buying them from a real life French person at a market and eating them from a plastic cup with a Lilliputian plastic fork. Ahh Prawnies, I do love you so very much.