One To Watch Out For: Jessica Meuse

Back when I used to run 4000 Miles to Nashville I’d get a plethora of emails daily from artists and management, telling me about their latest projects. Every now and then some of these reach me here at Steve’s Room, and I’ll be honest, I ignore the majority of them as they are for artists that just don’t appeal to me. That’s what I thought was going to be the case when an email hit my inbox this morning talking about Jessica Meuse, not someone I am familiar with. However, I was sat waiting for the latest Dedicated to DLP Podcast to finish saving and wanted some background noise, so I clicked through to the video for Jessica’s song Love Her Better.

Even before she started signing I was drawn in by the guitar intro, and then when the vocals did kick in, they did so with a very warm and familiar tone that made me look up and pay attention. Within 20 seconds I could tell that Jessica had a voice of great range, and with the chorus, I was proven right, and with a subtle dose of gravel the song took off. Love Her Better is a song about love gone wrong, which isn’t unfamiliar ground in the music industry, but not in a boo hoo poor me kind of way, more a glad to be away and good look to the new lady kind of way. It’s actually a really catchy tune that is enhanced by a strong and fun personality that shines through in both the audio and in the video, recorded for Bed Stock.

It wasn’t until an hour or so later that I realised there was a second video linked in the email, one showcasing Jessica signing live, and that’s when my attention piqued.

Here we get to see what Jessica can really do, with highlights from a few of her songs, and her aforementioned vocal range. The live version of Love Her Better is even better than the music video version for me, as it takes on a rockier sound, accompanied by a cracking band who add in great guitar solos to her songs that I have always been a fan of, since my beloved days of 80s hair rock music.

Jessica Meuse

There’s an album being released in July which I’ll be looking out for, and as my birthday month will consider an intended treat for myself from her record company, and not coincidental in any way. She has a bunch of shows coming up in the States, though none in the UK. The annual C2C Country to Country festival at London’s O2 Arena is in 1 week, and she’d be perfect for next year, though any live dates over here before then would be more than welcome too.

The southern rock country sound of Jessica Meuse is one that I didn’t know until a few hours ago, but one that I will be keeping tabs on for sure, and I await that album eagerly.



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