My Name is Steve and I Love Prawnies

Rewind roughly 13 years to when my wife and I walked into Exeter town centre, where we lived at the time, and we visited a continental market one sunny summer Saturday (10 house points for the alliteration). Amid a cornucopia of smells one stood out, that being garlic, to which I am drawn to like the antithesis of a vampire. That’s the day I discovered Prawnies, as they were advertised, though I believe they may actually be lobster tails.


A Prawnie, as we still to this day call them, even though we have never seen them called that since, as Prawn seems to suffice, is a lobster tail / prawn cooked in a big open pan with garlic, chives, olive oil and paprika. Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a love bordering on obsessive for paprika, so combine that with garlic and prawns / lobster tails and you have my heart, and my stomach.

Bringing us back to the present day and a walk into our current home town, that being Hitchin in North Herfordshire, to visit the French Market, and what did I smell, and then spot? You got it – PRAWNIES! Of course I skillfullly and excitedly made my order in French that made the actual French guy serving proud, or laugh inside at the rueful attempt. Definitely one of the two, and my ego would like to think it was the former. Back on track, and once that cup of Prawnies was in my hand, and after I’d done the obligatory snapchat video, I began to devour one of my absote favourite treats in the known universe.

Prawnies at Hitchin French Market

The good thing about Prawnies is that their incredible taste belies their relative ease to make, so the taste itself doesn’t vary a lot, meaning these were every bit as yummy as the ones I had back in 2004. Of course once my wife has violently stolen a couple (that part my have been embelished for dramatic effect) I had to go back for another portion, and some garlic potatoes too – it’s a slippery slope. In a very proud moment, and after many protestations that he wouldn’t like them, even my 9 year old son tried Prawnies, and declared them to be delicious.

Until the next time I see Prawnies for sale I will just savour that exquisite taste from earlier today. I’m not sure I should try making them myself, as a failed attempt may put me off. It also wouldn’t be the same as buying them from a real life French person at a market and eating them from a plastic cup with a Lilliputian plastic fork. Ahh Prawnies, I do love you so very much.



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