First official trailer for Suicide Squad, and it looks tremendous

Just one day after writing about the gorgeously styled Suicide Squad posters, the first official trailer is here, in all it’s Queen soundtracked glory.

From the trailer it would seem that Will Smith’s Deadshot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn are the two main characters of the Squad, which is pretty much what it is in the comics too, and given their characters and actors portraying them, it’s the most obvious route to take. Depending on how much time they get and how they play out, I’m sure other characters will have somewhat of a following after the film has premièred. I am still a little disappointed that we have Killer Croc rather than King Shark, given how entertaining he is in the comics, but I’ll leave my final judgement until I’ve actually seen the film.

It was evident from the footage we saw last year and from the images we’ve seen, that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was likely to steal the show, and this trailer only reinforces that theory. Not since Robert Downey Jr. showed up as the flamboyant Tony Stark in 2008’s Iron Man have I seen a comic book character depicted so brilliantly in a film, and just like Robert, Margot looks like she has walked straight off the pages of the comics onto the screen – the New 52 version of Harley Quinn anyway.

As for Joker, we still haven’t seen a great deal, but Jared Leto looks very menacing and less jovial than some previous Jokers in what we have seen so far. Sorry to harp on about comics, but he does seem more in line with Joker from the recent Scott Snyder series of comics than previous incarnations, and if that is the case, then that is a very very good thing. I’m almost salivating at the thought of Harley and Joker’s first scene together, and how much they’ll bring their torrid history into play.

So here we are, day two of Suicide Squad reveals and it’s a great one, making my ability to patiently wait for its summer launch even harder. I’ll leave you the end slate of the trailer, which just like the posters yesterday, is wonderfully simple but devilishly styled.

Suicide Squad trailer end slate



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