Book Review: 30 Days In June by Chris Westlake

I knew nothing of this book, nor its author Chris Westlake, other than the small synopsis that I read before getting a free copy on Amazon. I’m always drawn to books in a diary or day by day format, so that was enough to pull me in, together with a crime thriller theme.

From the start the story was very compelling, with a mystery I wanted solved and a character I wanted to get redemption. I was a bit worried when an early chapter flashed back 30 years, fearing we’d spend too much time in the past and not enough time progressing the action. However, the flashbacks were limited to just the odd chapter, so we got context without getting bogged down.

30 Days In June by Chris Westlake

Aside from a couple of typos the book was very well written, with a number of big twists and turns that I never saw coming, and enough intrigue and suspense that I couldn’t read the last third quick enough. The relationship between the protagonist and his father, although meagre by most standards, tugged at the heartstrings and had me quite emotional at one point.

30 Days In June was a fantastic read, and one I’d have been more than happy paying full price for. A serial killer story unlike any I’ve read before, and one that I wholly recommend.



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